works in progress

in Progress: Lady of the Serpents (or Self-Portrait with Serpents) 6

Another self portrait. No, I am not obsessed with my own image (although I am a Leo rising), I am just the easiest and cheapest model I can find. 😉 Actually this portrait has a good reason to be. It is the development of a dream I had, 2 nights before turning 40. A friend of mine suggested me to paint the dream, and here it is. I’ll talk more about the dream as the work progresses. This is the first version. The detail is cool, but the vision of […]

Portrait of Mabel 6

after this is finished, I am going to take a break of portraits and commissioned art to dedicate myself to design projects. I am in a transitional phase, still experimenting on masonite, trying to accommodate my style and find the best technique. and I am absolutely anxious to finally give form to “O Fortuna“.

falling in love. 5

this has been odd phase, in which i’ve been alternating days of lethargy with others of normal activity. a block of sorts. i don’t know if the transition to the new materials have been causing this. yesterday i started working in some small works on paper and since then i’ve been slowly coming back to my normal self. but anyway… i’m glad to finally share my new experiments on this new surface that brought me much excitenment and a happy sense of artistic enlightenment: the masonite board. masonite is a […]

can’t fall in love. 5

I had bought a couple canvas panels with the intention of painting 2 large mandalas to decorate my booth at the Louisville Psychic and Paranormal Gathering, on July (have I told you I’ll be there?) My experience with canvas is limited to a little experiment I’ve done several years ago, using oils. I didn’t really get excited with the little painting, and never touched oils or canvas again. I’m not going to revisit oils so soon — I am the type of person who wants all-at-the-same-time-now and not very patient […]

in a rush 2

things are pretty crazy around here, folks… i’m rushing to complete the Materia series until next Saturday and feel like a painting machine. not fun, but it is my fault. i could have planned something more simple, but, as a good Scorpio (Moon), i am always taking the complicated way. oh, well. now it’s too late to start whining. sorry for not responding the last comments, they are all read and very appreciated! eternal thanks for your encouragement. + 2 beautiful features this week: – the more than awesome Natures Whispers blog, […]