works in progress

on the board 4

Materia: Earth Portrait of Angie so much going on, a lot to write, not much time or energy, not now…  I have a post right from my soul that I need to put into words, but I am having a migraine today. and a bit of a broken heart. and this is going on since yesterday, and it’s being so fun, encouraging and uplifting: big thanks to Frannie, Maxy, and all the fantastic fellow artists who’s been participating on this virtual event. I am very honored and grateful.

in progress: Lilith

still frustrated and sad from the loss of my stuff. but we must move on. Lilith awaits. like a good Moon in Scorpio, i’ve been always drawn to the underworld folks. i love drawing Liliths; this is my 3rd one, and it’s the most intense and mature. my understanding of this goddess came a long way, and lately she’s been blossoming inside myself with great intensity. there is a Lilith inside every woman, but our feminine unconscious has been so mashed up for so many centuries by the patriarchal mentality that we […]

Painting, interrupted 4

and for the 5th time i rejected my Tree of Life project. the reason: not being able to achieve the desired transparency. i am not feeling secure with acrylics. i am picky, perfectionist. i cannot lift the damn paint off the board. i have to cover it every time I make a mistake, because it dries so fast. after 3 or 4 layers, you have a thick thing that cannot be redone. it creates disharmony with the rest of the painting that came out fine. and there you go try […]