Basic Drawing Online Workshop!

I am excited to announce that on the September 18th I will be starting teaching my first online drawing workshop! It is a five-session workshop with weekly classes, presented on blog format, designed for beginners and intermediate artists. That will not be a simple “buy my classes and learn on your own” package, it is an interactive workshop where you can exchange information and insights with your fellow virtual classmates, and get personalized orientation by me, by email or Skype. So, basically, you will have: access to the class materials […]

Workshop + Haiti help

two announcements today. first, is about the Creative Astrology workshop. I’ve been receiving inquiries from people interested in the workshop but unable to commit to 7 straight weeks of classes. I then decided to split the program in shorter workshops, of 10 days each — same as the first one, Living the Four Elements. to start, I am releasing two workshops: The Sun’s Pathway (starting on Feb 8th) and The Moon Within (starts on March 8th.) Workshops’ content will be richer than in the first version, since we’ll have more […]

blue me + workshop preview 4

when I got home last weekend and signed in to my Facebook account, I came across to this beautiful thing: this artwork was made by my lovely and powerful FB friend Lyse Vaille, using one of the pictures of myself I use as a reference for my own work, and that I posted on my page some time ago. it’s so delightful and interesting to see ourselves through the perspective of other artists. I particularly enjoyed the blue skin and being surrounded by birds, it’s so me! thank you again, […]

Busy busy + feature feature 5

A long absence, I know. I’ve been busy with commissions + workshop, and already planning the next ones! Very refreshing being back to my teaching activities after so long. I must say that I am very very happy and feel very gratified and energized. Thank you to wonderful group for the great energy and insights! I’ll be soon posting the mandalas the group has been preparing on my workshops page. + My piece The Divine in Me was featured in the new edition of the Presence journal. Thank you to […]

Solstice Giveaway + Workshop 6

Giveawaymy next Solstice Giveaway is going to be a little different from the last one. prize continues being a 8 x 11 color portrait, but from now one I’m asking for a symbolic $3.00 for your participation. why? because I decided to make of this a good occasion to collect donations for a charity organization or even a person in need. so now you can buy as many numbers you want, increasing your chances to win, and also transfer the prize to another person, as you wish. 🙂 charity still […]