in progress: ignis aeris

ready for a bit more of my beloved The Waterman tryptich? here’s the underpainting:

the waterman: ignis aeris

the waterman: ignis aeris

it’s amazing how I get energized when working with warm colors. I love all tones of blue and purples, but working with reds and oranges really make my day. I love how their pigments mix well and how they pop out the board.

the waterman: ignis aeris

the waterman: ignis aeris

I really like the way the lion skin came out. I think the abstraction fit well. it made me think about creating another piece using a lion as a focus and the same horizontal abstracts.

the waterman: ignis aeris

planning another tryptich for a near future. not that huge, though. it’s a lot of work. my pieces are sort of independent from each other, so i don’t get bored working on the same elements all the time. I may do something more simple next time, on smaller panels.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog and your work, the colours are beautiful. I’ll be back to see more!

  2. Amazing work! And I recognize the model used for this piece too!

  3. Anji, thank you so very much for your visit and nice comment. you are very welcome here!

    Billy, cannot thank you enough for your kindness. and yes, the pose in the middle it’s easy to recognize, isn’t it?

  4. This is a wonderful piece! I love seeing the steps in your process.

  5. oh, thank you, Sybil! that’s an honor to me. I love to show them too, and love to see others’.

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