in Progress: Lady of the Serpents (or Self-Portrait with Serpents)

Another self portrait. No, I am not obsessed with my own image (although I am a Leo rising), I am just the easiest and cheapest model I can find. 😉 Actually this portrait has a good reason to be. It is the development of a dream I had, 2 nights before turning 40. A friend of mine suggested me to paint the dream, and here it is. I’ll talk more about the dream as the work progresses.

in progress: Lady of the Serpents [first attempt]

This is the first version. The detail is cool, but the vision of the whole seemed a little overwhelming to me, so I decided to redo it. It took me a little training to get adapted to how the acrylics behave on gessoed masonite. I am a little spoiled by the absorbency of the paperboard and had a bit of a hard time trying to get the glazes to have the same transparency on the board surface.

Second version so far is looking like this:

in progress: Lady of the Serpents

in progress: Lady of the Serpents

in progress: Lady of the Serpents

in progress: Lady of the Serpents

in progress: Lady of the Serpents

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  1. WOW incredible work I love it:)

  2. If all our dreams were this pretty we would never want to wake up :) Good to see more of your work. Belated birthday greetings x

  3. I love it! You make me think that maybe I should paint myself as I would like to see myself! Thank you for sharing!

  4. amazing dream…. at least the peak you have given us. I love her eyes, you are a wonderful model~

  5. Your art is definitely from the depths of the human mass consciousness and higher consciousness. Archetypal and it brings us all inward. Deeper and deeper to re-member where we all come from and where we are going. It makes us connect on a deeper level than the mundane often does not that the mundane doesn’t have a mystery as well if we look deep enough. But I keep coming back and I am glad I found you on fb.
    Charlotte Phillips

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