In progress: Tree of Life (5th attempt!!!)

it seems to be coming out now… although baby decided to play on it the other night using black paint. luckily it was in an area that can be easily fixed.

4 Responses

  1. Looking really good :)

  2. New to your blog..I really like your work. I will visit again to spend more time.

  3. Sybil, so good to see you again! I’m owing you a visit, I noticed your absence from your blog and didn’t even leave you a message. sorry for my bad manners… hope you’re doing well, want to know what you’ve been done lately.

    Katelen, welcome and thank you so much for your visit, I hope you come often and enjoy my musings.

    much Love to you, girls!

  4. every detail I find to be incredible! Your talent is thrilling.

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