In progress: Yemanjá [or how to be near a heart attack]

work in progress: Yemanjá

work in progress: Yemanjá

work in progress: Yemanjá

work in progress: Yemanjá

work in progress: Yemanjá

she was supposed to be in a exhibition that will open next month in Virginia, called “The Power of the Orishas” [model is my beautiful friend Iara]. when i got the invitation, i couldn’t help but nearly scream with excitement. after all, this is part of the culture in which i grew up – the Afro-Brazilian culture, with all its magic and beauty. how could i get out? simple: by MISSING THE DEADLINE.

i think i have to buy a neon sign and hang it on my wall next time. it could save me a trip to the hospital in case of a heart attack.


still busy as hell. doing what i have to do. the design agency will be finally launched next week if i can finish all the website in time. and then i will be able to organize myself better and paint more (so i hope.) don’t leave me, people. i’ll buy you candy.

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  1. she is dreamy sensuously gorgeous! oh my, incredible!

    yes to the heart attack part…. my hunch the universe has another plan for you~

  2. She is so beautiful! I love how you paint the veil. I love the translucency of your colors! Your work always amazes me!

  3. thanks, sweet ladies!

    *Tammie*, missing that deadline nearly sent me to the emergency room. i wanted to do that show so bad that i couldn’t believe i forgot to check the deadline date.

    *Janine*, it took me a while to find out how to make the acrylics that translucent on the gessoed board. the glazings don’t behave the same as on the paper. glad you enjoy it.

  4. Oh deadlines, don’t you hate them?! She is stunning, I love water goddesses…Yemanja was actually on my names ‘short list’ for my 9 yo when she was born…but her dad chose one of the other 4 names…with a similar sound though!

  5. She is beautiful Ariel, such a shame you missed the exhibition deadline. She would have wowed her viewers for sure. x

  6. you’re works are all amazing! particularly this one,,just took my breath away…..

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