“Myth, Magic and Lore” at Bash Contemporary

Bash Contemporary in San Francisco, CA is showcasing “Myth, Magic & Lore”, a group show about a contemporary perspective on mythological themes. being a recurrent theme in my work since childhood, that could not be less than exciting and also very comfortable.

and then i decided to revisit all the vast mythological/spiritual/folkloric diversity and beauty of my homeland and opted for drawing a Yoruba goddess, Oshun, deity of love, wealth, and beauty. and here’s some of the progress pics:



10932598_348733111976888_1443962053_n  10948817_418631471635424_78030980_n

and here’s the finished piece, in its refurbished vintage frame (i’ve been finding really cool stuff in my neighborhood lately):


“Myth, Magic & Lore” opens today at 6pm. Bash Contemporary is located at 210 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA. if you are in the area, go take a look at all the great pieces created by my fellow Copycat Violence artists and other featured talents like Hannah Yata, Sandra Yagi and David Van Gough.

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