New show, new works

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From February through March I will be at Tasty Gallery , in my wonderful Seattle, as part of the Girls Gone Wild show. I will be showing new artworks in pencil on paper and panel, like the one below:

"Serpentarium" in progress.
Serpentarium, work in progress. Pencil on panel so far, acrylic and gold coming soon.

Thanks to lovely Sheri Hauser for the exciting opportunity. Super happy here. :)

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  1. i recently discovered your blog, and art and am mesmerized!!! how i love this piece you’re working on and wish i lived closer to seattle for this show and to enroll in your classes! what an inspiration you are!!!

  2. Oh you are so amazing! This drawing is so amazing! The Year of the Serpent! I am stunned…it is stunning!

  3. What wonderful work you do. Wild is this lovely lady. I’m not sure I’d wear a snake in my hair, that’s for sure!

    Beautifully drawn.

  4. So wonderful to connect with a creative, fellow Seattleite! I’m a follower here now. Hope you will visit me over on my blog Lessons from the Monk I Married! All the best to YOU!

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