Watercolor and pencil on board.
11 x 14


Model: Adhara Batul

Life came from many seas. Seas of deep blue and secrets unknown that keep myriads of bacteria and beginnings. Seas of wombs and their sacred silence. Seas of past and forgetfulness, alive in the depths of our souls, dark and mysterious.

4 thoughts on “Origins

  1. i came across your blog quite by accident, but am so glad i have. your work is so beautiful, i love the use of line & colour & symbolism, all things i am wanting to use more & more in my own work. wonderful

  2. Dee, gato preto coming soon. mas ainda não acho que seja ideal prá uma tatoo… por quê as coisas mais simples muitas vezes são as mais complicadas, hein?

    Ruthie, thanks a lot for finding me and for enjoying what you have seen. hope I don’t disappoint! many blessings to you dear one.

    Sylvia, obrigada sempre. que lindas palavras as suas, fico muito feliz que tenhas gostado dos novos trabalhos!

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