peeks for the Illuminare show…


Temporal in progress

Third Eye - in progress

Temporal - almost done...

From graphic and “illustrative” to loose and more pictorial, my work has suffered such a dramatic change in the past few months. Truth is that this has been an announced and very desired change, which I have been working hard to get to. Since works like Study for Woman’s Head, Waterlily and others i have been pursuing a more hybrid mix of abstracts and figurativism, almost like if both things were one. Abstract painting is very linked to the spiritual in a more energetic, idealized sense, and my goal to mix the human figure to this spiritual dimension is reaching a more “tangible” point in this new phase. I think I am also achieving a more defined identity and my work is gaining a bit more of a character. :)

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  1. I love these Patricia! I too love a much looser, freer style, while my own work tends to be so caught up in tiny details and so carefully constructed, sometimes I wish I could break free of it. You’ve made the leap beautifully!

  2. absolutely gorgeous peeks, beautiful art! I love the feeling in the faces as well as all the details and movement in your color and lines

  3. these are lovely, thanks for sharing a beautiful sneak peek

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