Progress shots for the new show 3

Omnia vincit amor
Omnia vincit amor (Love conquers all.) There will be another version with two dudes kissing, but not for this show.

Getting there...

I should be way ahead with these pieces but these have been tumultuous days. my studio contract with Inscape has expired and i decided not to renew it, so this week i’ve been busy packing up my stuff to bring back home. it has not been easy to let go of a dream to have my own working space where i could display my pieces to the public and teach, but the truth is that i have been producing way more at home, so the rent expenses are rather being painful now. i am now accommodating everything in the basement — i started calling it “The Dungeon” — and i feel comfortable enough to keep the creation flame burning. well, someday, i will be back.

so, moving on, because life is a constant flow.


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