Spanish Calendar 2011

i was absolutely in awe when i opened the box…

this calendar is my first licensed product, folks! it was released by Editorial Sirio, a Spanish publisher. a lot of people have asked me if i am selling them. unfortunately no; you have to go to their website to purchase one if you like. it is all in Spanish. i got very impressed with the quality and beauty of the product. really great stuff.

3 thoughts on “Spanish Calendar 2011

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! AND CONGRATULATIONS on me for being able to finally see you blog without it disappearing into smoke! I love this calendar. Too bad we cannot purchase one in English here..It is fabulous.

  2. thank you sweetie! yep, i was having a problem caused by my twitter gadget. i have deleted it and things came back to normal. the calendar is indeed pretty beautiful. waiting now for an American company to show interest in publish one…


    I would seriously consider purchasing one in that’s in English!

    I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times before, but I want to say it again, your art is moving and spectacular. Well done.

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