A virtual home makeover


Part of my (uncertain) New Year resolutions included to make my online life a little more manageable. And being back to the healthy habit of writing about my art, terribly neglected since many months ago, after moving with my daughter to the Northwest. In times of all-things-fast-food, when even art gradually becomes part of the big scheme of rapid consumption and temporary awe, to be forgotten shortly after new images representing the new trend invade the internet, speaking about your art could be salvation from the lack of substance, and I am ashamed I haven’t done that more often. Not only because it helps me to understand my art and myself better, but also because people often crave for the “human factor”, for identification, and connection.

So here I am, hopefully back to a regular basis blogging, this time in the WordPress environment, my favorite website building platform, so all the important things can be kept in just one place and I do not need to jump from one password to another to put together the pieces of my virtual life. So many things have happened, I have started this unpretentious series of small illustrations in December called “Animal Spirits“, mostly to play with metamorphosis, lines, patterns, and watercolor splatters, and the series has been a success, and now I have about a dozen commissions lined up for all types of cool animals. I’ve also been kindly invited by the lovely Aunia Khan to be part of an exciting 20’s themed exhibition, to be opened this Saturday at the Alexi Era Gallery, in St Louis, MO. I have created a piece for this show called Das Leben Ist Kurz (Life is Brief), which certainly represents an evolution toward a more refined pencil style. The thoughts behind that piece will be posted very soon, although the whole piece can be showed only after the opening (sneak peaks available on my Instagram.)

If you are an old follower, I hope you like the changes. Thank you for your kind support. To the new followers and friends, welcome. Hope you enjoy the ride, as much as I have!

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