… and the House of Mirrors opens its doors

I am happy to announce that from now on my illustration work can be found at the House of Mirrors. (This is the secret name I’ve been calling my studio for a while now.)

The House also has a separate Facebook and Instagram accounts. So if you are a fan of my illustrations, it will be lovely to see you there! I am not going to stop posting illustration works on the older account though, but the focus here from now on is going to be mostly on fine arts, which is the direction I decided to follow when it comes to galleries and shows. So if you like to see plenty of illustration progress shots and want to keep up with all that create in this field, these are the places to go. 🙂

The House is also intended to shelter other projects that pop up in my mind once in a while regarding to learning and healing, so it is not going to be only a place for art in a strict sense, but also a place for transformation.

These moves are part of the modifications I’ve been planning for a while in order to navigate the not-so-easy waters of an independent art career in a more organized way. As everyone who has followed my work for a while already knows, I am very prolific and ever-changing, and sometimes it is a bit challenging to keep everything under control.

Hope to see you there!

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