If you have been chasing me for over three years or so, you know I have a long affair with the inclusion of Abstractionism in my work.

Abstract art is pure energy, emotion, and sensation. It does not rely on things we physically know and see to tell a story, but it plays with the immaterial, the intangible. It is not easy to give shape to what doesn’t have a shape as we know, and this is why I consider abstract art one of the most difficult styles of painting.

Merging “shapeless” trails of color and energy with the human figure is like representing a threshold between the human and the essence. A point of contact with a more intangible reality. The essence or spiritual is made of vibration, energy, light, color. The natural world is shape and matter, dimension and volume. The idea of creating a dance between the spiritual and the natural world has forever had a strong appeal to me and being the center of my concerns in my artistic investigation in painting. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that our visions are way ahead our abilities to bring them to life. It takes time to hone a technique that will serve our ideal well.

study 1

Still untitled wip. Oil, graphite, and acrylic on Fabriano cold press.

I am probably getting there, where I had always envisioned I could get someday. I am gaining more control of this technique of oil + graphite (charcoal too) rendering so I can continue printing my monochrome ghostly people on every surface I wish. Also I am beginning to recognize the point where the abstracts are still not organized enough to “represent” something, but they are in a “devir” that it is ideal to accommodate the figure. The process still has no method, it is still getting together in chaos, that is where I feel more comfortable. It might be something different tomorrow. I don’t care. I am a person in flux.


Still untitled wip #2. Oil, graphite, and acrylic on Fabriano cold press.

The great challenge now is to deal with the storm of possibilities.

Untitled wip #3.

Untitled wip #3. Graphite and acrylic on bristol.

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