Tree of Life – close shots and insights

I’m very pleased with my new camera. although is not a professional one, I think it works fine enough for my needs. I have to learn how to deal with it though; it has more features than my deceived one. I’m happy for being now able to show details of my stuff.

the Tree of Life is starting to show its truth and my ideas are flowing more freely with the progress of the work. now I know what’s that all about: organicity, sperm, fecundation. it’s about contacting the Divine through pleasure, celebration of the body, fire and transmutation. the idea of placing a peacock on the tree is an old insight of mine, which later found some synchronicity with the ideas of a friend. the feathers started to resemble sperm to me. and that’s just beautiful.

the end of the peacock tale represents a womb. this is all about fecundation. the peacock as a symbol of renewal is here also linked to the idea that we are born again when we generate life.

detail of the hand of the “tree”. the three women intertwined represent the cycles of life, or the triple aspect of the Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone.


this morning I was notified that my work Flourish will be part of the 2010 Art Wanted Calendar. happy happy.

12 thoughts on “Tree of Life – close shots and insights

  1. thank you, guys. you are so sweet, feel like getting outta here to hug each one of you. 🙂

    Jenna, the feathers were definitely fun to paint! they required a certain fluidity and rhythm in the brush strokes.

    Em, welcome to my little blog. I hope you enjoy my art. I am also a huge fan of Klimt, he is definitely one of my biggest inspirations.

  2. Olá Ariel! Hello Ariel! : ) Estas são as maravilhas da Internet – encontrar por acaso artistas maravilhosos e rapidamente ser possivel entrar em contacto com eles e deixar-lhes uma palavra de gratidão pela partilha de tamanho talento com o resto do mundo -Obrigada! Os seus trabalhos são maravilhosos – Lindos e poderosos, Belos e macrabros. Tocam-nos de uma forma muito especial. Beijinhos de Portugal! : *

  3. thanks Truska and Suzi! I definitely have to come back to this project. Seeing it today at Janine’s blog made me think how perfectionism sometimes stops you from progressing. you guys are a big encouragement for me. many Blessings to you all!

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