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Duality, work in progress

I’m dying to start painting for my new project but still have stuff on the top of the list to be completed. besides a current commission, I’ve got to produce 2 or 3 paintings for the next EAM salon , on July. I’m pretty excited for that will be my first salon since I was invited to join the group, last year, and I am very concentrated in doing my best. the theme will be “Energy Radiance”, which gives margin to a lot of interesting interpretations. my plan is to work with the concept of light and energy creating matter, and that takes me to wave patterns of energy and the own concept of mandalas and the shapes of sacred geometry… a lot of complex stuff that i need to “dissect” in order to don’t get lost while creating….

yesterday i got started in a work for a juried show (above). deadline is a bit tight right now but i believe i can finish it in time. the theme for this show is “Masquerade”, and since the mask is one of the elements of my personal iconography, i just have to participate! here i am working with the concept of the duality in us, in how we are all shadow and light, masculine and feminine, all at the same time, and it won’t work to hide them behind any mask, social or not, they will always be part of what we are ( and somehow come to the surface — even if it’s in the form of a little neurosis!) I am working again with twin figures, which is a lot of labor, but the results are pretty effective aesthetically.

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  1. This is looking amazing so far. I also am a little obsessed with masks, they have such a rich mythology in them, used by cultures all over the world. If you’re ever going to Florence, I know a fabulous, magical mask shop you just have to visit!

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